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Liver and Anger

“The ancient Chinese, taoist masters taught that the emotions are stored within the  specific vital organs of the body”

‘The Cycle of Creation’ is a wonderful teaching where we learn the relationship between the emotions, the vital organs and the reflection that nature has with both.

Science has proven that the cells of the body hold memory. Therefore the organs hold the memory of the earliest experience of sadness for example, and this can follow a person through life, if not understood and released.

Nature seeks balance within itself, as does the human body.

The Cycle always begins with the Lungs, (pls refer to chart), which represent the metal element in nature, the rocks, minerals and gemstones. In this Blog we will address the liver and how this organ holds within it’s cellular memory, anger, hostility and resentment to name a few.

The cycle moves clockwise, and you can see that the lungs support the kidneys for example and the kidneys support the liver..and the liver supports the heart ( I will address the heart, related to heart break, trust issues, impatience in my next blog.


Sometimes I don’t understand the depth of the anger I have. The anger seems to come out of no where. I am like a top spinning out of control. What can I do about this?

The Liver: Anger, Rage, Hostility

Anger is a big emotion held within a very large organ, the liver.

So you may be asking…why do specific emotions target certain organs? There is actually a specific ’energy’ to each organ. The taoist masters taught that energy is frequency, therefore the energy of anger and rage for example actually attracts itself to the liver. It does make sense though doesn’t it? A person for example may feel huge anger within his or herself and turn to alcohol for relief. The huge incidence of alcoholism in our society and it’s relationship to anger is becoming more widely known and understood.

However what if there was a deeper meaning to the feelings of anger you may have? The Cycle of Creation suggests that the origin of Anger, leads to the starting point of the cycle which are the lungs and the emotions of sadness, despair, even depression.

The Origin Of Anger

I have found that many people who experience anger can be very good at ‘holding it in’, and then the pressure slowly builds  to reaching a point where the anger explodes. In the aftermath, the feeling of guilt and shame can often set in. I have found time and time again with clients that what actually lies at the base of anger is, surprisingly enough, deep sadness. Could it be by examining the source of the anger, and looking into the sadness that may be present, that the anger could in fact be released? It is worth considering I would think! My experience is this is exactly what happens.

The Goal

The beauty of the Cycle of Creation is that we have the opportunity to shift the lower frequency emotions to a higher frequency. Where the liver holds anger and rage, what a wonderful consideration it is to know that we can embrace acceptance, forgiveness and kindness, for ourselves. By bringing awareness to the anger, we can allow it, judge ourselves less, and begin to see the anger begin to evolve to acceptance of others and ourselves.

The Kidneys and Fear

The ancient Chinese Taoist masters taught that the emotions are stored within the specific vital organs of the body. They tell us of an association between the Kidneys and Fear, Anxiety, Flight or Flight, Nervous Tension, Fear of the Unknown and even Post Traumatic Stress.

Cycleof CreationTM - Ottawa Holistic Wellness ‘The Cycle of Creation’ is a wonderful teaching where we learn the relationship between the emotions, the vital organs and the reflection that nature has with both.

Science has proven that the cells of the body hold memory. Therefore the organs hold the memory of the earliest experience of anxiety and fear for example. This can follow a person through life if not understood and released.

In this Blog I will address the kidneys and fear and how this can relate to anxiety disorder, panic attacks and even post-traumatic stress (PTSD).

Kidneys and Fear

The kidneys are the size of your fists in the lower aspect of your abdomen. According to the ancient Chinese, the  kidneys hold fear, fight or flight, nervous tension and the fear of the unknown. Think about it, do you not sometimes feel tension in your lower back region when you are stressed?

The adrenal glands are like little brains or caps that sit atop each kidney. These endocrine glands secrete cortisol and adrenalin and when in excess can cause an adrenal overload or often adrenal fatigue. This adrenal overload also greatly stresses the kidneys.

The kidneys are the ‘water’ element as reflected in the Cycle of Creation. For most people water will bring on a feeling of peace, joy and tranquility. This what all people crave, especially when stressed to the max!

As can be seen from the Cycle of Creation the metal element or rocks of the lungs support the water of the kidneys, as the rocks support the water in nature.

Kidneys and Fear and Using the Breath

So, as the lungs support the kidneys, it only stands to reason that the breath is very important to the well being of the kidneys. In fact I often suggest to my clients that the breath is actually your best friend where anxiety is concerned. When we have a full fledged ‘panic attack’ our diaphragm freezes and has very limited movement. The lungs therefore have very little capacity to take in a full breath.

People that report panic attacks share the experience of shortness of breath, a struggle getting a breath in at all, heart palpitations, and often sweating. It is a very frightening experience, and is frequently set off by a present moment event that actually triggers memory within the body from a past experience.

There is often a feeling of leaving the body and not being in touch at all with the lower aspect of the body (waist down). These people therefore do not have a sense of groundedness. In short they simply are not ‘grounded’.

Learning how to breathe properly and learning how to ground with the breath will help you not only recover from a panic attack, but will actually prevent future panic attack episodes.

So with further to my Lungs and Grief blog, if the lungs which support the kidneys, are not fully expanded, this  can stress out the kidneys and adrenals. Where an extreme shallow breath, can sometimes indicate sadness or depression, the next emotion to kick in will most definitely be ANXIETY.

Please review the breath technique as outlined on my previous Lungs and Grief blog. Practice this daily and before too long it will come naturally!

Deborra Cameron offers a series of Qi Gong classes. Through this ancient practice discover which emotions relate to each organ, and learn how to release these emotions bringing healing to each of the organs. Contact her to find out more; Deborra Cameron soletosoulholistics@rogers.com

Cycle of Creation


The Teaching of the 5 Elements

The Ancient Taoist Masters taught that the vital organs of the body store specific emotions. This catches my attention, as these teachings are 5,000 years old. Within the profound wisdom of Taoism, I can also recognize a simple  common sense element that the teachings hold as well.

As you can see from the chart, each organ also represents an element in nature. This to me demonstrates how the human body does indeed ‘reflect’ nature.

Nature supports itself in order to ‘thrive and survive’, and the human body does the same. The organs as you can see from the arrows support one another.

This is very much the representation of the ‘holistic model, as we recognize the ‘whole’, as opposed to the western medicine model , which often targets the individual organ; and may use pharmaceuticals to treat a specific organ for example. Often as a result, due to the side effects of the drug, the other organs can often be compromised.

The chart does suggest the impact our emotions can have on our vital organs over time.

The Lungs hold sadness and depression

The Lungs, and also colon, are the ‘beginning point’ in the cycle, holds on a cellular level, sadness, grief, depression. This makes sense when you think of that heavy feeling in your chest when you feel sad.The lungs represent the metal element in nature, meaning the rocks, gemstones and minerals. This topic is addressed more deeply in my lungs and sadness blog. The lungs also hold joy, laughter, as feeling of strength and courage. When we feel depressed, we can generally have a feeling of weakness.

The Kidneys hold stress, and anxiety

As you can see the lungs support the kidneys and also bladder, and the kidney’s hold fear, fight or flight, nervous tension, anxiety  and fear of the unknown. As human beings we long ultimately for peace, joy and tranquility. The kidneys reflect the water element in nature. Water, generally for most people, can evoke a feel of tranquility.

Please see my kidney and fear blog for a deeper understanding and a breathing tool which can help to transform anxiety into peace.

The Liver holds anger, rage, judgement, intolerance

The kidneys support the liver and gallbladder, and the liver stores anger, rage, hostility, frustration, irritability, judgement, intolerance and jealousy. If we can embrace tools that help us move into a place of acceptance, forgiveness and kindness; we can begin to evolve the often genetic pattern of anger into a more gentle place.

The liver represents the tree element in nature. The trees offer us a feeling of feeling better about ourselves. When you walk in the forest, this will give you the space you need to perhaps look at things from a different light.You can often feel less irritable, and start to direct attention to how you can rectify a situation in your life that may be causing you to feel angry or resentful.

I will be addressing the other organs in deeper detail with blogs I will post shortly.