Understanding Anxiety, PTSD, Depression

Education and Experience

In 1993, after a 15-year career in nursing, I became interested in the phenomena of Energy healing. As I delved deeper into the subject I discovered an interconnectedness between the Energy and the human body. Two years later, I received my Reflexology certification with which I have even further explored the link between the soles of the feet and the client’s wellbeing. Henceforth, in 1996, my “Sole to Soul Holistic’s business was born. As my experience grew, my intuition expanded concurrently. As much as the aspect and its novelty was intimidating to me at first, I started receiving insights and messages that have benefited the clients immensely and facilitated their own life journeys..

Through my Intuitive Reflexology sessions, I was made aware of the connection lying between a person’s emotions and the health of his/her physical body. Emotions drive our physical aspect to work in a certain manner that could either hinder or help our progress. Changing our emotions eventually leads to the change in our physical body. However, as my curiosity was deepening and my hunger for further exploration and understanding of the energies was not yet satiated, I was introduced to an ancient Chinese energy healing system with the name of Qi Gong.

I began my Qi Gong study and practice in 1999. Qi Gong is a millennia-old mind-body practice that aims towards cultivating a vital life force and an overall balanced way of living. In it, you’ll become more acquainted with your own energy and understand how we move and store energies in different parts of our body. In 2000, I received my Qi Gong teaching certificate in 2000.

My successful Sole to Soul Holistics business provided energy healing service to thousands for over 23 years. However, my journey into understanding energies and its relationship with our physical actions and our predispositions didn’t end there. Within a few years, I developed my Emotional Blueprint practice, and in 2019 Beyond Emotional Blueprint was created. Emotional Blueprint is a method into which a person regains back the power to change his/her destiny. Through it you learn the true nature behind your actions, your tendencies, your trepidation… In a nutshell, you gain a further understanding of who you are and why are certain actions contributed towards your behavior. My Emotional Blueprint sessions have achieved several breakthroughs in many of my clients’ professional and personal lives, and even in their health.

The last 20+ years have been an inner journey that led me towards building a comprehensive understanding of Energies and how they interact. Therefore, I consider Beyond Emotional Blueprint and my Qi Gong teachings as the culmination of all of these years. We underestimate the connection that lies between our emotions and the physical condition of our bodies. Our emotions are our driver, they command the energies on how to behave and where to go. Therefore an existing emotional imbalance transforms itself, most of the time, into a physical illness. Once we heal those imbalances, we provide the body with energy and room to heal itself and recuperate. Throughout my sessions, you will get in touch with these emotions, and with my experienced guidance, we will gently liberate them. In many cases, self-transformation was experienced within the first few sessions. I have especially dealt with issues of anxiety disorders, chronic pain relief, and have worked and helped immeasurably with people who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADD and ADHD.