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Education and Experience

In 1993, following a 15-year career in nursing, I began to explore the phenomenon of energy healing and its relationship to the human body. Achieving my reflexology certification two years later, I discovered a compelling link between the soles of the feet and the soul of my clients. Thus my Sole to Soul Holistic's business was born in 1996. Almost immediately upon connecting with the soles of my clients' feet, my intuition expanded dramatically. This was rather intimidating at first, but when I began to share what I received intuitively, my clients benefited immensely.

Through my Intuitive Reflexology sessions, I was detecting that negative emotions were directly related to the illnesses and health issues I was treating with reflexology. Sensing something was still missing, I  found the next piece when I began in 1999 my study and practice of Qi Gong, a natural 'energy healing'; an ancient Chinese system that teaches we actually store specific emotions in individual organs of the body. I received my Qi Gong teaching certificate in 2000.

With several of the puzzle pieces now in place, I then developed Emotional Blueprint in conjunction with my intuitive reflexology sessions. Emotional Blueprint is a unique way to help people deal with physical pain and the unbalanced emotions affecting their health, careers, relationships and life.

My successful Sole to Soul Holistics business provided energy healing service to thousands for over 23 years. Knowing that my work needed to move to the next level, Beyond Emotional Blueprint was created in 2019. My work has been an inner journey of not only self-discovery but also the creation of my Emotional Blueprint program over the past 20 years of my life.

I have assisted my clients with the journey to discover their Emotional Blueprint and through a series of powerful tools that I provide. I then assist the clients in rewriting their genetic code. Since 1995, I have felt that one of the leading causes of pain and disease are the imbalanced emotions that often lie dormant within the cellular memory of the human organs, bodily systems and tissues. I help my clients to get in touch with their emotions and with powerful tools, I gently guide them to self-transformation.

With over two decades of clinical work, focusing on my own unique Emotional Blueprint coaching model and the study and teachings of Qi Gong, I assist people in understanding more about themselves, their emotional patterns, relationships, and ultimately their life’s purpose. Many people come to me reporting they feel stuck, with no sense of true direction. People may be bored in their jobs or may be feeling unfulfilled and seeking more for their lives. Emotional Blueprint coaching is a unique way to assist people deal with physical pain, and imbalanced emotions that may be affecting their health, careers and relationships. I specialize in anxiety disorders, chronic pain relief, and have worked and helped immeasurably with people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADD and ADHD.


New Services

More recently, I have added energy medicine into my practice with both a 60 minute Hormonal Gland Balance, and ‘Private Qi Gong sessions’ to my menu at Ottawa Holistic Wellness in Ottawa.

One thing is for sure, we are on an exciting pathway, and each step we take, each career we move into, every relationship, every experience leads us even deeper into the understanding of who we are! The levels are the building blocks of the 'now', and the 'now' is where we begin to blossom into our unique selves.

For sometime now, I have had the pleasure of offering Remote Global Sessions. Clients in Italy, South Africa, Mexico and the US are benefiting from these transformational sessions. I am excited about expanding this service greatly in 2019.

I feel I have  discovered a method of mapping a personal, Emotional Blueprint DNA patterning. This has been a valuable missing link, to assist people on their journey of understanding more deeply their distinctive patterning of their health, peace of mind, prosperity, relationships and purpose. I am truly blessed to being doing the work I love!