Understanding Anxiety, PTSD, Depression

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Inside each one of us is an Emotional Genetic storyline stored in our cellular memory and goes back to our childhood. Some are even passed down through our own family lines.  Have you ever wondered about certain traits or fears that you possess and have no "logical" basis in your present time? Nor have you ever been able to map them to a certain event in which they stemmed from? What if I can tell you that behind each one of those traits and fears there is a storyline. This story is what I call "Emotional Blueprint". 

We go through many experiences in our lives since we were born. Some we remember and others just leave  traces behind. The accumulation of these traces and breadcrumbs can form a certain tendency in our character and be translated physically as years go by. In addition, as the Science of Epigenetics has proved, some of those "breadcrumbs" get passed by genetically throughout the family line. In an Emotional Blueprint Coaching Session, we dig deep into the present hindrances and trace the storyline to its origins. We then help in releasing those blockages and letting them go. You can seek psychological help for many years and still be riddled with chronic pain and unresolved emotional issues. In my sessions, we dig deep and uproot the cause. In most cases, tremendous change will be felt within the first few sessions. 

As for my sessions themselves, I am providing Virtual Emotional Blueprint Coaching Sessions. My clientele reside in different parts of the world and my sessions are just as effective from a distance as they are in person. If you are a first timer and still not sure, you can always book a 20 minutes free session, with no strings attached. 


  • Fees: $120/hr+tax
  • Free 20 minutes Introductory Zoom session (New Clients)
  • Payment: PayPal for International Clients


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