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Remote Global Sessions - Beyond Emotional Blueprint

Skype in with Deborra!

I encourage you to book a remote Emotional Blueprint session with me. I have clients all over the world, and my work is just as effective from a distance, as it is in person!  You can request at the time of booking for no obligation, a free 15 min skype session, and you will quickly get a feel for what my work is about!

Each of us has an emotional genetic story within our cellular memory, that is passed down through our family lineage. I refer to this story as the ‘Emotional Blueprint.’ I believe, as many would agree, that the body is the last to let go of the emotional experience. A person can seek psychological help for many years and still be riddled with chronic pain and the same emotional issues that are triggered over and over again. I also believe that imbalanced emotion, experienced repeatedly, is often the foundation for physical disease and pain.

Fees: 100/hr

Package of 3 sessions special:  less 10%

Package of 6 sessions: less 15%

Free Initial 15 min introductory skype

Payment: Paypal for International Clients

Call or email Deborra directly to set up your remote skype session!


or call  (613) 979 7325

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Remote Testimonial:

I have known Deborra for five years. She has had a transformative impact on my emotional self-awareness and well-being, giving me practical tools to help me achieve inner peace and change unhealthy emotional patterns”.

I have since experienced beautiful and profound changes in myself and in my life. I recently moved abroad, and going through challenging times, I reached out to Deborra.
Given the physical distance, we tried Skype sessions, which turned out to be amazingly helpful and just as effective.Thank you Deborra, I am so deeply grateful.”  Mi Nyguyen  Rome Italy

Call or email Deborra directly to set up your remote skype session!


or call  (613) 979 7325