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The Heart and Impatience

“The ancient Chinese, taoist masters taught that the emotions are stored within the specific vital organs of the body”

‘The Cycle of Creation’ is a wonderful teaching where we learn the relationship between the emotions, the vital organs and the reflection that nature has with both.

Science has proven that the cells of the body hold memory. Therefore the organs hold the memory of the earliest experience of sadness for example, and this can follow a person through life, if not understood and released.

Nature seeks balance within itself, as does the human body.

The Cycle always begins with the Lungs, (pls refer to chart), which represent the metal element in nature, the rocks, minerals and gemstones. In this Blog we will address the Heart and how this organ can hold within it’s cellular memory, feelings of heart break, isolation, mistrust and confusion around love.The cycle moves clockwise, and you can see that the lungs support the kidneys for example and the kidneys support the liver..and the liver supports the heart ( I will address the spleen, pancreas and stomach, related to shame, blame, injustice and worry, in my next blog.


Since my last break up, I have been in a state of heartbreak. I have issues around trust, and I seem to repeat the same pattern in relationships over and over again. I long for love and yet am afraid of it.

The Heart..

Matters of the Heart are one of most complex lessons in our human experience. From the time we are born, we are constantly posed with the questions around love and the quest of it. Imagine a 6 week old fetus, about the size of a chocolate chip with a heart beat of 140! The brain is not yet developed, and yet the heart beats on. I believe that the heart is the ‘soul’ of the recipient. It has it’s own consciousness, and it’s own intelligence!We seek love, and we long for love, but really it is already very present within us, we just need to discover it!

The Origin Of Heart Ache

As discussed in the earlier blogs, each organ holds lower frequency emotions, but aspires to higher frequency emotions.

Where the heart can hold heartbreak, impatience, hastiness, and even hatred; we also have a fantastic opportunity to have another expression altogether!

In Qi Gong we work with the 6 healing sounds, and focus on sound, colour and posture, to transform the lower expressions of the heart to a higher vibration. We embrace, unconditional love, laughter, we envision an open heart, a light heart!

Tuning into the heart exercise:

Place both hands or one hand over your heart, as discussed in both the lung and kidney blog, close your eyes, and move into the breathing technique and ask that your mind step aside. (do this for at least 5 minutes)

Your awareness will automatically go to the heart with the touch of your hand. Now imagine your heart breathing along with you.( do this for an additional 5 minutes)

Now simply ask that your heart open to love, that you embrace trust, and ask that your heart become lighter. Clients report a feeling of peace and joy with this exercise!

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