Understanding Anxiety, PTSD, Depression

The human body is comprised of many different systems that depend on eachother. When these systems are functioning “correctly”, they produce a healthy, and an optimal united system that carries all of its functions effortlessly. However, the human body’s ultimate goal is to respond to its surrounding environment and the interpreted messages that it receives from you, the observer. Therefore, when the human body perceives danger, its systems respond with a way to protect itself. On the other hand when it senses a convivial atmosphere, it rests, and rejuvenates its organs. So what happens when we are stressed and on the edge all the time? We are simply forcing our body to remain on alert and, subsequently, pushing any regrowth or cellular repair that is needed unto the backburner. What happens if we remain in this state for an elongated period of time? Diseases start to develop as our body is no longer working at its optimal power, it’s just functioning to guarantee survival.

Our first responders are our endocrine and nervous systems. The Endocrine System consists of a number of glands which are responsible for dictating the functionality of most of our body’s organs by secreting specific targeted hormones. When presented with a situation, those glands secrete a corresponding hormone unto our bloodstream carrying a certain message for the organs on what and how to perform. The Nervous System functions similarly however using electrical impulses. So if you were in the middle of nowhere and you suddenly see a grizzly bear approaching you, here is what exactly happens in your body:

  • You perceive the bear so the Amygdala (which is a bundle of neurons in your brain) fires up interpreting the emotion: Fear.
  • The Amygdala then triggers the Hypothalamus which, in turn, triggers the Pituitary gland.
  • The Pituitary gland secretes a certain hormone that forces the Adrenal glands to secrete a group of hormones (cortisol included) into the bloodstream.
  • These hormones raise our blood pressure, increase our heart rate, reduce activity in the stomach all to prep the body for a fight-or-flight situation.

This is all essential for a bear-chase situation. However unfortunately, for our body, fear is fear, anxiety is anxiety. Therefore, with an elongated periods of stress and anxiety, our body remains to be functioning as if we are in a flight-or-fight situation, not distinguishing whether there is bear right behind you or it’s just a normal 9-to-5 stressful day at your job.

Our current lifestyle created an everyday environment where we are overworking ourselves; trying to juggle multiple things simultaneously. Expectations accumulate and it starts to feel that it can never be enough. We then try to do more… work harder… and become anxious about everything that hasn’t been done yet, while still in the process. All of a sudden, without us noticing, we create an engulfing stressful environment with which our body is trying its best to cope with and adapt to what we are perceiving. And while it continues for an extended period of time, our hormones go amok and the drawbacks show themselves physically:

  • Brain fog migraines
  • thyroid issues
  • immune function deficiency
  • adrenal fatigue
  • diabetes
  • sexual gland issues



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