Understanding Anxiety, PTSD, Depression
Over the past 23 years I have discovered a method of mapping my clients' personal Emotional Blueprint DNA patterning. I assist people with the re-writing of their genetic belief system, therefore freeing them of their symptoms.



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Clients' Testimonials: 

"Deborra was phenomenal! Eventhough I had some idea of how an Emotional Blueprint Session would go, I didn't expect the magnitude of change and self realization that I had gone through. During the session, I have uncovered the root of several beliefs that I had buried in my mind and had had unconsciously steered my behavior. I have also explored connections to certain fears that I have and was able to suddenly  understand why I do what I do and what I am supposed to alter. I felt completely safe and accepted by Deborra, which was crucial for me. What was so impressive was how Deborra was able to pick up any physical discomfort that I had been experiencing, and sometimes even words that were circling in my mind, even though we did it through Zoom! It was as if she was right there in front of me. In one session I felt a huge difference. I cannot express enough my gratitude for Deborra and how much of a help she has been (and continues to be). Highly recommended!! 

Mira Shankiti

 Amman, Jordan

"Deborra has been absolutely amazing to work with. She came to me during an important crossroads in my life and immediately - within the first 5 minutes of our first virtual session - helped me identify some personal challenges and get me on the road to a more balanced, fulfilling and enriching life for me and my personal relationships. Our subsequent sessions have only further strengthened the foundation which she immediately formed with me. I very much value and appreciate her help, advice and counsel. I cannot say enough good things about her. Highly (extremely) recommend.

Michael H

 Ottawa, ON

"I have seen Deborra for over 10 virtual sessions and have had a transformative experience with a family issue that has been eating me alive for over 2 years. I was really tormented by what happened, but Deborra helped me dissolve 'the cords' of the emotional attachment I had to the problem and the individuals. The thoughts used to torment me all day, now I don't think about them at all and when I see the family members, I don't get triggered by them. Thank you Deborra for your transformational approach to the work."

Violotta Pioro

 Toronto, ON