Understanding Anxiety, PTSD, Depression

Understanding Emotional Blueprint


Through the discovery of Epigenetics, science is now recognizing that the genes respond to our environment. Did your environment in early life reflect loss, pain, abuse, performance, perfectionism or sacrifice for example? I believe that our emotional environment at an early age (birth to age 8), activates our genetic Emotional Blueprint, and that this reality becomes our perception of how we interpret love in our lives. We continue to attract the same patterns over and over again, until we can recognize that we have the inherent ability to actually rewrite our genetic code and shift our life back to our birth right, to knowing that 'Love is Love'. We unknowingly are working our way back to this truth, all of our lives. I assist my clients with their  journey to discover their Emotional Blueprint and by providing proven tools, I then assist the client in rewriting their genetic code.




"Deborra is intuitive, insightful, and is invested in the countless people she has helped to overcome the roadblocks to a better life. She is described as a 'transformational catalyst', and believes the body is the last to let go of emotional patterns that have existed since early childhood.

Sue Taylor
Owner Ottawa Holistic Wellness Clinic, Ottawa

Since 1995, I have felt that one of the leading causes of pain and disease are the imbalanced emotions that often lie dormant within the cellular memory of the human organs, bodily systems and tissues. With over two decades of clinical work, focusing on my own unique Emotional Blueprint coaching model and the study and teachings of Qi Gong, I assist people in understanding more about themselves, their emotional patterns, relationships, and ultimately their life’s purpose. Many people come to me reporting they feel stuck, with no sense of true direction. They may be bored in their jobs or may be feeling unfulfilled and seeking more for their lives. Emotional Blueprint coaching is a unique way to help people deal with physical pain, and imbalanced emotions that may be affecting their health, careers and relationships. I specializes in anxiety disorders, chronic pain relief, and has worked and helped immeasurably with people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADD and ADHD.




I am totally excited about the emerging field of Epigenetics, and thankfully it is giving scientific facts that even further support my work of 2o+ years! I encourage you to read 'Biology of Belief', by Dr. Bruce Lipton, for greater understanding of Epigenetics!

To understand Epigenetics', is to simply conclude that our environment controls gene activity. This relatively new field is one of the most up and coming  areas of science research, and is often referred to as the 'New Science'

This is the field where quantum physics meets and unites with genetics for the first time. Epigenetics is essentially the study of external or environmental factors that turn genes on and off and affect how cells read genes. The exciting news is that you have the ability by changing your emotional environment , to actually re write your genetics! 

 All protein behavior is governed and controlled by signals, and therefore environmental signals activate the genes.

If we are not living in harmony we can create illness by this negative change ongoing in our environment.

As early as 1953 science stated that who you are is predetermined in your DNA blueprint. In short, your genes control your biology, and you are stuck with your DNA.

Science has evolved from 1990 to present, and a new theory exists that when a gene product is needed, a signal from its environment activates expression of that gene.