Understanding Anxiety, PTSD, Depression




We go through with our lives living in the guilts of the past, or in the expectations of the future. We carry remnants of memories stored in our brain ready to be picked on and triggered whenever we are faced with a similar situation. We then create patterns in our lives; the recurring type of lover, the identical patterns of relationships, the same job environments, … No matter what we try to change; getting a new partner, buying a new house, changing our occupation, the patterns keep reemerging. Sometimes they emerge holding a different shape in a different city, but the cycle remains just as before; same old, same old. Life turns into a predefined never-ending cycle, where our control over the consequences seems to be negligible.

By investing in yourself! By digging deep into your subconscious and releasing those old blockages. By building coherence within your systems and allowing your true nature to be finally set free. We tend to underestimate how powerful we are, how strong we are, and how magnificent we are. We learned how to create bottlenecks in our heart, gut, and mind, but we were rarely taught how to unknot them, how to unravel their reasoning of being there, or how to get rid of them for good. In my sessions, I have helped many clients to achieve just that.. to find their purpose… to release what was holding them back… to dig up and let go the root of their obstacles… and to unleash their inherent power.   

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Emotional Blueprint Session