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The Stomach and Guilt

The Spleen Pancreas and Stomach

 Guilt, Shame , Blame and Injustice

“The ancient Chinese, taoist masters taught that the emotions are stored within the specific vital organs of the body”

‘The Cycle of Creation’ is a wonderful teaching where we learn the relationship between the emotions, the vital organs and the reflection that nature has with both.

Science has proven that the cells of the body hold memory. Therefore the organs hold the memory of the earliest experience of sadness for example, and this can follow a person through life, if not understood and releaseNature seeks balance within itself, as does the human body.

The Cycle always begins with the Lungs, (pls refer to chart), which represent the metal element in nature, the rocks, minerals and gemstones. In this Blog we will address the Spleen, Pancreas and Stomach and how these organs can hold within it’s cellular memory, feelings of shame, blame, guilt and injustice. The cycle moves clockwise, and you can see that the lungs support the kidneys for example and the kidneys support the liver..and the liver supports the heart, and the heart supports the spleen, pancreas and stomach.

This is the true holistic model of how the vitals organs support each other. In western medicine, individual organs are often targeted with pharmaceuticals, and the other organs can be depleted in Qi (energy).


So Why am I so riddled with guilt all the time, I feel ashamed by my past and present actions, and I feel a sense of injustice within myself; I mean, why me??

This is an interesting question, and many who experience these emotions may indeed have issues with their digestion. You may hear yourself saying, “Life is hard to digest”.

When we begin to look at our family dynamics, you may very well begin to see that most people in your family, extended family and close people around you, may share the same patterns. By looking within, you can begin to contemplate justice and fairness for yourself, and chose to move the lower frequency emotions to a higher expression!

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