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The Teaching of the 5 Elements

The Ancient Taoist Masters taught that the vital organs of the body store specific emotions. This catches my attention, as these teachings are 5,000 years old. Within the profound wisdom of taoism, I can also recognize a simple  common sense element that the teachings hold as well.

As you can see from the chart, each organ also represents an element in nature. This to me demonstrates how the human body does indeed ‘reflect’ nature.

Nature supports itself in order to ‘thrive and survive’, and the human body does the same. The organs as you can see from the arrows support one another.

This is very much the representation of the ‘holistic model, as we recognize the ‘whole’, as opposed to the western medicine model , which often targets the individual organ; and may use pharmaceuticals to treat a specific organ for example. Often as a result, due to the side effects of the drug, the other organs can often be compromised.

The chart does suggest the impact our emotions can have on our vital organs over time.

The Lungs hold sadness and depression

The Lungs, and also colon, are the ‘beginning point’ in the cycle; they hold on a cellular level, sadness, grief, depression. This makes sense when you think of that heavy feeling in your chest when you feel sad.The lungs represent the metal element in nature, meaning the rocks, gemstones and minerals. This topic is addressed more deeply in my lungs and sadness blog. The lungs also hold joy, laughter, as feeling of strength and courage. When we feel depressed, we can generally have a feeling of weakness.

The Kidneys hold stress, and anxiety

As you can see the lungs support the kidneys and also bladder, and the kidneys hold fear, fight or flight, nervous tension, anxiety  and fear of the unknown. As human beings we long ultimately for peace, joy and tranquility. The kidneys reflect the water element in nature. Water, generally for most people, can evoke a feel of tranquility.

Please see my kidney and fear blog for a deeper understanding and a breathing tool which can help to transform anxiety into peace.

The Liver holds anger, rage, judgement, intolerance

The kidneys support the liver and gallbladder, and the liver stores anger, rage, hostility, frustration, irritability, judgement, intolerance and jealousy. If we can embrace tools that help us move into a place of acceptance, forgiveness and kindness; we can begin to evolve the often genetic pattern of anger into a more gentle place.

The liver represents the tree element in nature. The trees offer us a feeling of feeling better about ourselves. When you walk in the forest, this will give you the space you need to perhaps look at things from a different light.You can often feel less irritable, and start to direct attention to how you can rectify a situation in your life that may be causing you to feel angry or resentful.

I will be addressing the other organs in deeper detail with blogs I will post shortly.